Significance of Professional Healthcare Uniforms

Significance of Professional Healthcare Uniforms

Medical Uniforms OR Healthcare Uniforms Consist  of Various uniforms categories

These are :
  • Medical Uniforms
  • Lab coats
  • Medical Scrubs
  • Medical pants
  • Medical Coats
  • Doctor's Coat
  • Nurse Uniforms
 Most of the medical uniforms made of  cotton and polyester blends, some uniforms are also made of 100% cotton and 100% Polyester.  These days most of the scrubs are made of  Rayon and spandex.

 Medical scrubs

 Nurses mostly  wear scrubs in hospitals and healthcare premises . Scrubs normally are any medical uniform which has  short-sleeved shirt and pants, usually with a drawstring. The scrub uniform acquires its own logo or name of the wearer because it worn by surgeons and other medical  personnel in an operating room, or “scrubbed” environment. These days online scrubs are available  in various designs . Designer scrubs  and printed scrubs are in fashion in these days in healthcare industry. 100% cotton scrubs are the first choice of surgeons . Today, more or less all patient care staff  wear several type of scrubs dress whether they working in a hospital, physician’s office, clinic, maternity, surgical center or even dental and veterinary offices. Physicians, in the meantime, often wear their own casual clothing with a white lab coat, except during surgery or other events where blood or other bodily fluids present.

Lab coats

Conventional lab coat are always in white color i.e. White lab coats . There are also trend of Navy  lab coats, Sky blue lab coat  and lab aprons. There are various designer lab coats are available online . These white coats symbolized more than just scientific inflexibility. Its represented cleanliness, purity, fresh  and hygienic start for the medical profession. These white lab coats are now replaced by various other colors like green lab coats and sky blue lab coats and proudly worn by scientist and physicians as scientist lab coat or physician lab coat or lab aprons. 

Nurse dress and Nurse Tunics

Nursing  dress is incomplete without Nurse tunics. Various color nurse tunics is the proof of high fashion in professional healthcare clothing.
The idea behind the uniform requirements by  the belief that  patient-client is the central focus of the nurse-patient relationship. White nurse tunic , nurse pant and medical shoe are  the basic hospital uniform of a women nurse. All nursing uniforms should be simple and very professional.  Polycotton blend Nurse tunics are available at various online medical store.